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Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain


If you injure your shoulder, or if you have tendons or ligaments that have become inflamed, stem cell therapy may help. It uses your body's own stem cells to help heal shoulder damage. It may help you avoid surgery.

Collecting and Injecting

Stem cells are found in your bone marrow and in fat. For this procedure, your doctor uses a special needle to take a small amount of bone marrow cells or fat tissue. Marrow is commonly taken from the bone of your hip, shin or heel. Fat tissue is often taken from the abdomen or buttocks. The sample is processed to collect stem cells. Then, the doctor injects them into your shoulder.

After the Injection

The injection triggers your body's healing response. The stem cells help repair soft tissues. They can help decrease inflammation.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

After the procedure, you can go home. Your doctor will ask you to come back to the office several times to monitor the healing process.

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